Prints -❥ William Shakespeare - Glitter & Gold

Prints -❥ William Shakespeare - Glitter & Gold

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We are thrilled to introduce our unique, handmade & homemade poster prints. 

Quote of the most famous English  writer of all times, I name William Shakespeare: "All that glitter is not gold." -William Shakespeare

Velvety Black Paper Posters come in 2 different Colours:

Holographic 3D Rainbow Colour Effects & Pure Gold.

All of or prints comes in a A4 format. The are composed of a Black A4 Print in a plastic film and with a cardboard back to insure the print stays pristine, or you can choose the framed version!  

1. A4 Black Print with Holographic Rainbow Colourful Effects

2. A4 Black Print with Gold Prints

Please acknowledge that all prints are handmade & unique. It might be some tiny little perfect imperfection making them all different & special.

 Handmade & Fabulous Just Like You