Handmade & Sterling Silver Rings Collection - Silver Sheen Black Obsidian

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Description: One of a kind! Amazing handcrafted real 925 sterling silver ring. Only 1 available so grab it while you can! 

Fantastically made - strong joint and thick silver band will for generations!  

Size: 5 US ring size // 27mm long // weight: 6g

Colours: Black & Silver

Material: 925 Sterling Silver and Real Silver Sheen Black Obsidian 

Silver Sheen Black Obsidian - The Stone of Prosperity 

Golden Sheen Obsidian attracts wealth and prosperity on all levels. It reminds us that we are capable of solving our own problems, and encourages us to take responsibility for the direction that our life is headed. Golden Sheen Obsidian gently reveals what is truly working in our lives and what is holding us back.

 Which hand do you wear golden obsidian? Wear golden obsidian in your right hand to absorb negative energy or in your left hand to enhance your inner spirit and resist evil spirits.

It is associated with the Root Chakra


All our jewelleries are packed with care & come with a gift bags.

Fabulous Just Like You


⚠️ Please note every ring in that collection is unique and come only in 1 size. Thank you!