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Indian Agate - Meaningful Necklace Collection

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Discover our very special "Meaningful Collection" 
Here is a handmade necklace with a real little Indian Agate stone.  
The necklace comes on a card with the meaning of the stone & its description and use. 
INDIAN AGATE - The Protection Stone
Gives physical strength & emotional security, courage & protection.
Helps to stop the burning desire for things we do not need. Improves concentration & perception.
Agates are some of the oldest stones.
They are strong & powerful protection stones.
- Heart Chakra -

Sizes & Measures:
Necklace length: Around 52mm 
Charm size: Around 13mm

2 colours available: Gold and Silver Chain. 
Stainless Steel & Real Stones.
Handmade with Love ♥ Fabulous Just Like You